24 thoughts on “The Rocks have Eyes

  1. Yes, they (the rocks) do have eyes – and as part of a countenance, for I see a face, that is (pardon the pun) rugged! Great shot at the shore of the Celtic Sea. Pontheolla and I never had ventured that far west and south. One day…

  2. It’s good you captured the beauty of this place to remember what it looked like before the rockfall.

  3. Reblogged this on Holly'sWorld and commented:
    The Rocks Have Eyes
    All is Safe!
    Tears fall and blur my sight
    Ripples attend the broken shore
    words are mine
    Photo is Dave’s from The Phoblography

  4. Forever the fool, I first saw this before my morning coffee and didn’t see the ‘eyes’. Thankfully on next view there they were staring back! Love the shot, Dave, nice work.

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