Secret Garden, Great Chalfield Manor

SECRET GARDEN, GREAT CHALFIELD MANOR. Taken on 25th June 2015 in the Great Chalfield Manor Gardens, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, UK.

20 thoughts on “Secret Garden, Great Chalfield Manor

  1. Now this I really like, a really striking image, Dave. Wonderful symmetry; the reduction to black + gravel + greens, and the white flowers, which add a lot. The hole in the hedge could be a keyhole; the gravel + that far hedge is keyhole-shaped too. There is a feeling of approaching down a special, roofed aisle with columns bearing white flowers on either side – and all as a prelude to approaching and entering that special entrance in the hedge. Wonderful; almost spiritual. 🙂

  2. Another, yet another lovely photograph, Dave. Thank you. At times, looking at the location indicators that you ascribe to your photographs, I will consult Google maps to have a geographic sense of where it is. There was something familiar about this photograph. England is one of my wife’s and my favorite places in all the world and the City of London in particular. This photograph stirred a memory. We were in Bath in autumn 2006; very near this garden. Again, Dave, lovely and thanks.

    1. Maybe our paths have crossed at some point?! 😀 I am really touched that you would take the time to find out where these are taken 😀

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