14 thoughts on “Watered-Down

  1. Hello, I’m not commenting on your post specifically, just letting you know I visited here – and so might others who hadn’t before now – on my latest BLT (Blog Leap Tour). You may see a pingback link if you want to see how it went.
    Anyway, sorry to intrude.
    Best wishes šŸ™‚

      1. I go where the numbers take me, which is fairly random where I go but it’s fun to jump around. Sorry that the message is a bit impersonal as I have to do a potted one… I have looked at more than one of your pics today though!

  2. Hi, Im following in Bryntins BLT footprints. I’m no photographer, but I appreciate someone who can use a title winningly, so I agree with derrickjknight. Good luck, click on! (sorry, puns, can’t help myself.)

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