19 thoughts on “The Tulip Stairs Side View

      1. I always Say what I think my dear friend…
        your work (4 me) is like a dream maybe ’cause your PHOTOS remind my time in NYC you know i’m a poet-writer-novelist ‘nd my stories are always ambientate in U.S. a country that I love more myself life you know I’m really proud to went over there many times with my brother from NYC at San Francisco from A.L. to Kalispell, MT, Provincetown (MA) Pittsburgh, Washington D.C. ecc ecc.. one of my 8 Books (Prima visione e altri racconti) it’s a tribute to movies world ’cause i’m a movies reviewer too for magazine of my city, Well only single short stories of that Book it’s set in U.S. obviously my 2 home 4 sure my dear friend
        i wanted to tell you β˜† πŸ‘ GREENFIELD ‘ND INDY
        (always in my mind) my friend
        AL-IN ❀

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