4 thoughts on “Cocktail Flame

  1. Hi Dave,
    it’s me Gianmarco.
    I thinking
    it was July 13th, 1998
    i had and have a photographer for my books (a really good one) that day we worked hard.
    When we stop the work i said bye to him (has always) and than i was come back to my home.
    At late hour oround 2:00 by night i has show the photos to my (stupid) friend ’cause him said to me “what’s that ?” and i said to him “photos” and him said to me “this one is for me like nothing of special” or something like this.
    It was nothing at the time but for many reasons that words always rest in my head and right now i think (about him) fuck you corncob – to be a photographer is like a mission, is like a pray, is a big gift ! So, i wanted tell you Dave, PHOTOGRAPHERS WILL SURVIVE !
    have a nice day my dear friend
    I love your work 💖

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