16 thoughts on “Wooden Stairs

    1. No need! That is very kind of you though! If you can send me a message through my blog I’ll email you the full resolution picture 😀

      1. That is very generous of you, but I caution you in doing that too often. I don’t want your credit stolen!! You take very original photos, something that people are always trying to steal. No offense to Tennis and Trisomy, I want your husband to get that picture, too! Lol No offense to you either Dave – I’m not saying your naive or anything. I just think you could sell your stuff.

      2. Thank you for that and I totally understand. They are only asking for one photo and it makes me happy if my photos are making others happy. I never wanted to take photos for financial gain otherwise it changes what they mean to me 😀

  1. OK, enough of this realism! This is a great picture, and it inspires a story in me. What is behind those doors? I like to think that a stairway going up leads to something good. Since the area is dilapidated or at the very least worn down, I envision beauty beyond those doors, something of great contrast to the outside. Hmm. Any ideas? LOL.

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