14 thoughts on “A Wild Path

    1. Hehe thank you πŸ˜€ this was taken in Ebrington which is in the Cotswolds in the UK – some fantastically beautiful places in the Cotswolds!

      1. England is on my bucket list of places I would endure a long plane ride to get to. It’s one of those places that I’ve always wanted to go.
        England reminds me of Mary Poppins did I saw when I was 4 years old and dreamed I could fly I love beautiful English accents and the Charming tea house is there but I would love to go into.

        Say prayers for me that I get my things out of storage immediately and don’t need to sell anything I treasure.

        Been doing tons of work to generate money website deals copywriting photography digital art things like that. Oh I needs a good $2,000 contract and website and I should be all right.

        I’m renting a room in beautiful Summerlin, Las Vegas which is the equivalent of Newport Beach California in a beautiful home close to Red Rock Resort and it’s a series of Miracles which put it all together including my tenacity, persistence is undying faith in God and myself.

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