IMG_0001.jpg – My First Digital Photo

This post needs a bit of explaining! Today is my birthday and for my 21st birthday (15 years ago) my sister bought me a digital camera (a Canon PowerShot A60 to be precise!) – this is the first digital picture I ever took; certainly not the best picture I have ever taken but it began a life long love of photography.

IMG_0001.jpg – MY FIRST DIGITAL PHOTO. Taken on 14th May 2004.

10 thoughts on “IMG_0001.jpg – My First Digital Photo

  1. I’m now hoping that tomorrow’s pic will be of this year’s birthday cake. Have a lovely day, the postman should bring you something to make you laugh! Hx

    1. Thank you! I probably didn’t make it clear that this was from my 21st birthday which was 15 years ago – it was the very first photo I took on a digital camera 😀

  2. Somehow I feel that the cake was just as special as the camera, the way ‘Dave’ was written in a shaky hand… Was it a loved one who cooked it specially for you?

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